Day 2 in Africa
Phalaborwa here we come

A very sunny day it was, as the crew gathered after a fine breakfast. You see the Rangeress, Gin, Lulu, Mounteneer and Toothbreak before the speedy coach they rented..

The fine Crewmates

And on a fine journey the went! The first to see was "God's Window". A scenic place in the rainforest, 1800 meters high, with a fantastic view all the way down to Mozambique. The Rangeress and the Ranger loved it!

View out from God's WindowView out from God's WindowThe Rangeress and her Ranger

The guy, whom they called "Gin", for short, loved it too. A bit too much, the ranger found! Not so the Rangeress.

Rangeress and Gin...she really loves it...

The "Blyde River Canyon" was the next to see. From 800 meters the river cut deep down into the mountains below, until it rested into a beautiful lake

Blyde River CanyonBlyde River CanyonBlyde River Canyon

A breathtaking view it was,

Blyde River LakeBlyde River Canyon

so found the Rangeress and her little friend

The lovely RangeressThe little guy hiding...

From there to the Reptile Park they went, to look for poisonous snakes and other dangerous species

Rattle SnakeBlack (grey) MambaGreen Mamba

At the very end of the day the drove along the "Drakensberge" to see the south african Spar...

along the DrakensbergeSouth African Spar

...on to Phalaborwa and had a funny two hours to find the final rest for today - the "Tulani Safari Lodge"

The Tulani Safari Lodge

Needless to say, they had a fine dinner. They served Mushroomsoup with Ingwer, Rice, Shrimps and Mussels, had a Rack of Lamb and rounded it off with Icecream and southern fruits. Not very much different from the day before...

The MounteneerThe Crew at WorkThe Rangeress after dine

A round or two of Gin and Tonic ended day 2