Day 11 in Africa
the day of the mountain

Crew's agony ended after a long deep sleep. They took something to eat in the morning, for they had to take victory over the Table Mountain. A clumsy thing in the middle of Cape Town, 1086 meters high. But the weather was in cooperation with them so they set out for the big climb and dressed accordingly.

The Table Mountain

"Not so" , the Ranger said, there is other ways to victory on the mountain. He took the rotary cable car and up it went onto the table!

Table Mountain Cable CarCape Town from aboveLionhead from above

On the way up the Ranger had a phantastic view of Cape Town and the Lions Head.

Table BirdVictory for the Mountaineer, Rangeress and Ginunknown species

Eventually them crew took victory over the mountain and made it to the top. They were joined by these two little friends, who also made it.

And then they looked from the Indian Ocean

Breathtaking view into the Indian Ocean

all the way to the Atlantic, yes this must be the "Cape of good Hope".

 Breathtaking view into the Atlantic

Having all this wonderful views the Rangeress decided to fly around the Cape with her Ranger, while the others did some resting in the Ou Pastorie.

He mounted again the Archer,

The Ranger and his Archer

flew his Rangeress according to her desire  form the north over Robben Island to the Cape and on to the Karbonkelberg

from Robben Island to the Capeon to Karbonkelberg

therafter proceeded to Hout Bay and the tip of the Cape of good Hope.

diving into Hout Bayand scratching the Cape of good Hope

They finally rounded off  the day with a touch and go in Cape Town. After that they joined back them crew and it is without shame to announce that them had a wonderful dine in the Volkskombüse at Stellenbosch,

The Volkskombüse, Stellenbosch

where we left some hours later to head for the bar to end a busy day 11 with a round or two of Gin and Tonic